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'Kahana' means 'turning point' in the Polynesian language.  This lady represents my turning point back in Oct 2020.  She was made with emotional baggage at first, then layered with reflection and growth.  She is the first of my new style and opened the floodgates for creative inspiration.  Painted with acrylic on 16x20 wood board, with hints of metallic gold paint. 
Finished with 2 coats of high quality varnish. Please allow 3-5 days after ordering.  Local pickup or meet is free to those who live in the Omaha, NE metro area.  Delivery to surrounding areas is available.  Please email Brenda at to arrange.

Original 'Kahana'

  • There are no exchanges.  Returns must be arranged with Brenda at  Reimbursement will be decided by Brenda depending on the circumstance.  Reimbursement will be 50% or less of orginal price. 

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