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I am an experienced artist specializing in acrylic painting, drawing, and charcoal mediums.  For over 15 years I have painted large scale murals, canvases, store front windows, home decor, personalized gifts, and wood for Omaha, NE area businesses and residents.  I'm a mom and full-time caregiver to my son.  In Dec 2019, our lives were changed forever when he was diagnosed and survived two rare brain diseases.  Having adjusted to a life changing event,  I turned my love for art into therapy sessions for myself.  It opened the door for new mediums like resin and mixed media, and new techniques like pouring and fluid painting. 

As a lifelong, ever-changing artist, I'm always looking for art collaborations, public opportunities, and to heal others through art.  In fall of 2021, I opened my studio to the public to support healing for those living with stress, depression, trauma, and grief through abstract painting classes and workshops. My goal is to help the community while changing the way we look at art.  In my own artwork, I've been inspired by nature, abstract impressionists, fantasy art, and the strength inside my son.  
(Pictured here: 1st place at Midtown Crossing Chalk Art Festival, Omaha, NE 2018)

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